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Sloan's Hairdressers in Glasgow

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Sloan's Hairdressers

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Won't be going back

Anonymous - 2nd Mar 2017

Been a regular but not frequent customer for years. If the salon isn't busy then I've had a good experience but not if there a lot of customers - I don't come very high in the pecking order if there are other people there.
On Tuesday I was early for my appointment- I have a long journey and it's difficult to time things and I aimed for early rather than late. When I walked in I was totally ignored. The place was busy but I booked my appointment online almost 3 weeks prior to the date so I wasn't a last minute customer. Eventually Sandra, who does my hair, asked me to take a seat. No one took my coat and I was ignored until about 5 - 10 minutes after my appointment time I was taken for my hair wash.
The girl who washed my hair was abrupt bordering on rude. Similarly when I paid ******** was barely civil.
Sandra was friendly whilst doing my hair and does as good a job as possible with my hair given the fact I have frontal fibrosis alopecia and therefore don't have much hair to work with. Even so I have to pay £30 even though I have very little hair left at the front.
I am not paying that amount of money again to be treated as though I am just a nuisance being there and will not be going back.

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