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Yvonne (South London) 11th April 2017

Anonymous - 11th Apr 2017

Where do I start? An article in the Sun newspaper alerted me, then my journey to transforming my hair began.
Rebecca greeted me. I knew instantly she was the chosen one!!!
She knew straight away the style, and mentioned a fringe. I haven't had a fringe since I was 12 yrs. A very, very long time ago.
The whole process took 1 1/2 hours.
The outcome was draw dropping.
And I'm not exaggerating either.
I feel brand new!!!!
You must go and see for yourself people.
The whole team were very attentive.
Fabulous coffee (made by the Manager Andrew) no snobbery there.
And even Ember the little dog gave the whoof! Whoof!
When I got back home the remarks I received were: I look younger and Uma Thurman was thrown in too.
So there you have it!!!
I have waited a long time for my new Me!!!
And it was so worth the wait!!!
Thank you all for making me ME !!!!!!