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Ticro Hair in London

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Ticro Hair

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Some of the reasons why I choose to go to Japanese hairdressers are because in my experience, they have always been competent, polite and professional. I had been a regular customer at what I considered a real gem when I discovered Ticro. The stylist who used to cut my hair was Aya and one of the best I ever had, but unfortunately she returned to Japan. As she was no longer there, I decided to try another stylist and wrongly expected the same level of expertise. It was the most horrible experience, and not only because of the bad haircut itself but because of the way that I had been treated as a customer. I had shown the stylist a picture of what I wanted and was initially happy with the cut because he had curled the ends as a finish and thus hid the fact that it was a very blunt cut which was uneven and left one side longer than the other. I wrote to Ticro, and to give them credit, they offered to 'fix' my hair at no extra cost. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt that it

If you can avoid this place, don’t even set your foot there.

Anonymous - 17th Jul 2014

I had a terrible experience in this salon. I booked a haircut for 6:30pm, wait till 6:45 to have it start, a guy start from a wash (maybe an assistant), I would say I was very impressed by his skill. After he finished the wash, he put me back on the waiting, 5 minutes late, an mid-40’s Japanese guy ask me to be seated to have my haircut, he had a few cut (not finished yet), then ask me to move back to the waiting area for ten minutes, I was wondering he was going to wait for the other hairdresser to do the next part (which I was happy to). But it turns go, he ask me to wait just because he need the assistants to dry my hair, two assistants blow dry my hair in turns (it was a very hot day, and there was no AC in the salon), then they moved me from one seat to another. He only spent 10 minutes for my haircut, but had let me waited for 4 times, in total for about half an hour, after all that waiting time, he came to have a trim on my fringe, but he hasn’t finish me, and move to the a

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