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Kim Rees Hairdressing Team in Aberystwyth

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Kim Rees Hairdressing Team

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Very disappointing

Jean - 24th Oct 2016

I went to this salon a few months ago and never again. I made an appointment for 3.30pm and even though they had my mobile number was told on arrival that they were running late and would I mind going for a walk and coming back! In fact I had to wait 50 minutes for my appointment during which time the owner rang a member of her family to come in to wash my hair! When i was eventually seen, I asked for a trim and specified that I didn't want too much taken off the length especially at the back. She then proceeded to chat to another hairdresser from another salon who had come in for a moan, scalp the back of my head unevenly with a razor and cut into my hair even though I'd asked for a blunt cut. I was then charged £38 for a 50 minute wait, a wash by an unqualified family member and a terrible haircut. In hindsight I wish I've never gone back when asked to go for a walk. Terrible service and an even worse attitude to a new client.

Disappointing, unprofessional

megelis - 4th Sep 2015

I've been here a couple of times (because it was close to where I was staying). While I have no quarrel with the way they did my hair, I must stress that I found their attitude to appointments cavalier to say the least. I've often waited ten minutes (few minutes, I don't mind, but ten, twice, is a bit too much). The last time I went, I had to wait (with no apology), while staff chatted to each other, greeted casual visitors, and eventually came up to me to ask "Do you waiting until 11.30?) Since I'd booked for 11, I said, yes, I do mind, and walked out.

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