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Macleod Bradley in Manchester

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Macleod Bradley

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Balayage gone wrong

Jennifer - 16th Sep 2017

I went in asking for balayage and showed the stylist a picture of what I was after. After the consultation, I thought she'd understood what I wanted and felt in safe hands. However, the colour started too high up, making it just look like normal highlights, the effect was stripy as opposed to sweeping colour and it was also way too orange (I think because the stylist was in a rush and didn't have time to leave it on long enough). I asked for a colour correction and went in a few days later to be treated by the same stylist (I had asked to speak to the manager, Helen, but every time I phoned she was "unavailable"). She was very understanding and reasonable so I thought ok, let's give her a chance to put it right. She put a darker toner on the top of my hair and lifted the ends some more, but the effect was still stripy and this time the ends were bright yellow! I called up again to request a refund and colour correction, was told the manager (Helen) was on the other line and would call be back. Instead I got a call from Chris, who was weirdly the manager when Helen is unavailable (I thought she was just on the other line but what do I know?). He gave me a refund but said he couldn't offer a correction as it had already been coloured twice. So now I have to fork out again to get it pur right and will probably end up ruining my hair in the process. It's so frustrating because when I went in the second time I specifically said "if you're not able to make it like the picture, then I'd rather just go back to my old colour". If I'd been listened to instead of being treated like a mug, I wouldn't be leaving this review.

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