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Long term client - still loving each experience at Combers
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I have been a client at Combers for over 13 and a half years. I still enjoy every time I come to get my hair done. Beckie is amazing, she knows exactly what to do to make sure I leave feeling great. The salon is lovely, clean, professional with a calm, yet vibrant atmosphere. Beckie I'd worth every penny! Not just for her skill, but also her wonderful personality. She's kind caring and clearly cares about her clients. Couldn't recommend her more.

Response from Combers

Dear Joanne...firstly may we I thank you for supporting our business and the hairdressing community of combers hair salon and beckie in particular for over 13 years. Secondly we all appreciate the time taken to write this 5 star review, especially Beckie. Its in portant to all important to our Inside - Out hairdressers, to build a professional relationship to enable us to take you on a journey through the seasons and in your case the years, offering you change appropriate to your requirements so your hair relects the best in you inside - Out. In many businesses there seem to always be benifits to 'first time Customers' but with Combers Inside-Out as you have experienced, the real benefits come from a longer term relationship and continuous diologue and consultation on each and every appointment. We value long term relationships and never take you for granted.....Thank you again for your kind comments and Beckie will see you to delight you again soon......Combers Inside-Out Hairdressers, The Taunton hair Salon, Somerset